Hyve.ng brings you 24/7 newsfeeds, promotes brands, offers live streaming, and delivers a host of other packages to keep you vibed always. Our very robust and rapidly expanding roster of journalists keep you informed on anything and everything. Within a very short span of time, we have emerged as one of the leading online news and media platforms in Nigeria.

Your Media Goto!

Hyve Creatives is a Nigerian based company, which focuses on the newly emerging field of Media, web based solutions and mobile centric applications serving the needs of both the consumers as well as businesses. 

We specializes in Website designing and development, E-commerce applications, Hosting and maintenance, Application development, Internet and social media as well as other web based services and solutions. Our expertise span across diverse sectors and our goal is to own the ideas; “web solutions”, “content development”, “social networking” or “cloud services” by dominating the minds of our target market with those ideas listed above.

The target market that Hyve Creatives serves include; Private Organisations, Events Planners, political campaigns, educational institutions, cultural institutions, individual artists, and music ensembles: bands, symphonies, orchestras, operas, and ballet companies in Nigeria.

Hyve Creatives recognizes the importance of operating with a marketing strategy that will strategically reach our intended user base. Our management team has connections to various media outlets that will help create awareness not only for the web apps, but the location based offerings as well.